Cryptonet Equity Tokens function as a traditional stock asset. They represent ownership of the Cryptonet Platform and take their value in the form of annual revenue payouts.

Our Equity offering is open and transparent. Cryptonet receives additional funds to finance our development and marketing strategies while our investors become actual equity holders of a prosperous and growing business with the right to annual dividends.

Our investment structure is based on blockchain technology, which means banks and financial institutions do not participate in the process, which is executed on a peer-to-peer basis and the purchase and sale transactions are done directly between Cryptonet and our investors. When comparing transaction costs with a traditional stock broker, equity tokens have significant less commissions.

Directly investing in a founder and his vision has never been possible like this before. CryptoCurrencies and Blockchain Technologies makes all of this possible today, giving everyone the opportunity to participate and become part of a successful growing company.

Tokenization is the process of digitizing traditional assets (e.g., equities, bonds) and representing them as legally-enforceable and programmable tokens on a blockchain.

You can invest in Cryptonet with as little as 10 EUR / USD, depending on the offering.

As an investor, you are not required to pay fees to Cryptonet. The only fees associated with investing are micropayments for conducting transactions on the Ethereum network (commonly referred to as ‘gas’).

Equity tokens represent ownership of the Cryptonet Platform. By holding equity tokens, you are entitled to claim dividends, vote on shareholder resolutions and receive special access to products, features or services.

Cryptonet Equity Tokens (CET) is the governance token of the Cryptonet platform. By holding CET tokens, investors are entitled to a share of platform revenues.

No, you do not have to be an accredited or qualified investor to invest in Cryptonet. Cryptonet makes it possible for anyone to invest in equity tokens, with minimum investment ticket sizes as low as 10 EUR.